Visiting Volunteers 2015

Cost for volunteers in March 2015

Each Volunteer is asked to give or raise a $300 donation to the project.                                         We are happy to help you brainstorm and execute ideas for fund raising.

Group Housing – $1oo a week USD (Available Jan 5th to April 1st)
Co-ed living in a simple cinder block home.  Simply put, It will be everything you need and nothing you don’t.
-Valuables will be locked up daily
-There is a gas range stove for morning coffee and evening cooking needs.
-Bathroom is a bucket flush toilet
-Shower is bucket wash in an enclosed space for privacy.

Local Hotel Rates run about $20 to $50 USD per night  (I am happy to arrange this for you)

Lunch will be provided on most work days. It is often either rice and beans with legumes or spaghetti, sometimes with chicken or beef.  Vegetarians need not fret as we will accommodate, but broth used to flavor rice will most likely be meat based. (this is very hard to avoid) ***You must inform us of allergy and food restrictions before arrival.

Breakfast and dinner is up to you.  In past most volunteers have chosen to buy a load of groceries together and take turn preparing meals.

*Please be prepared to pay for the entire bill of your stay on the first day of your arrival.
You can also pre-pay with a credit or debit card at
(if this link is not working check back in a few days)

Money in General

$150 USD each way from the airport (it is unlikely it will be this much. $150 is the cost for us to send a private pickup from Jacmel and back.  Many of you will arrive together and be able to pool resources.  Most all of you will be using a combination of truck pickup and bus, the more likely cost is $75 USD, probably less.  It is for your safety that I ask you budget this much in case of emergency or a canceled/late flight that requires you to stay in a hotel overnight)

$100 – $200 USD per week  (A dinner out with a few beers will cost you about 300gds equal to $7 USD.  You will be free to cook at home too.  Budgeting $100-$200 USD ensures that you will be able to pay for taxis, souvenirs, Art, a visit to Basin Bleu or anything else you feel like splurging on)


Yes. I recommend them.  Everyone should (and are expected to) consult their own physician regarding medical needs and immunizations before their visit to Haiti.  Standard immunizations include; Hep A, Hep B,  and Typhoid.  A Cholera vaccine does exist, but I would invite you to look into it’s efficacy before getting it.   Malaria medication is available in a few different forms, so consult with your doctor about which one is best for you.   Many of us who work in Haiti for longer periods of time do not take Malaria medication.  It is a risk vs reward decision.   (Nothing in this section should be considered advice, please rely on  your doctor or medical professional for that)

Things you will want to bring

White Mosquito net  (mosquitos tend to gather on dark colors) Follow this link for the net we recommend
Mosquito repellent (no need for high deet 15%-25% is fine.  Natural repellents are even better as you will be using it nightly)
Measuring Tape (foot’ / inch”) (model on site 2’ = 1cm)
Sun Screen
Work Gloves (We will be pairing Haitian and foreign volunteers off on the build site, might be nice to bring an extra set for your partner)
Sun Hat and Bandana (trash and plastic are being burned here on a regular basis, if you are sensitive to this bring a hanky. White dust and surgical masks send the wrong message to wander around with, but are fine on the work site)
Ear plugs (passing cars, barking dogs, roosters, motos and music are ever present.  Bring plenty of earplugs for the evening and to protect your ears from machinery on the work site)
Bathing Suit (Wear whatever you are comfortable in.  You don’t need to be concerned about offending peoples sensibilities, but if your swimsuit is designed to attract attention, it will.)
Towel (I like to bring 2 medium size towels. One for beach, one for shower)
Twin sheet set and sleeping pad (we have a few mattresses and sheet sets, but they are first come first served, most of us will be on mats made from woven banana.  They are pretty comfortable, but if you think you need more, bring an extra camping mat or budget another 35 bucks or so to buy something here)
Pepto Bismol or something similar (it’s likely you will have a little stomach discomfort on your first visit)
Closed toed shoes
Something nice  (I could say more about this, but it is best said by Lee Rainboth in an entertaining top 10 list on The Green Mango Blog.)

Generally Speaking

Be ready to live similarly to the community you are serving, do not create a bubble around yourself.                                                                                                                                           Don’t weigh yourself down and over pack.
There are stores and supermarkets in town.
Be ready to do without.
It can be frightening to not have everything you think you need at your finger tips, but you will be OK. Come to learn and teach through example or only when someone asks
Be yourself

Sa-K-La-K-Wel has a No Fraternization Policy for visiting artists, volunteers and organizations.
The long term affects of continual flings and flirtations work against what we are trying to accomplish.  Everything you do here is seen by the community and remembered.

If you are hiring outside help please make them aware of this.
John and I will remove anyone who is not respectful of this request.

Please feel free to e-mail me at

*If you choose- tents, mosquito nets and similar re-usable items may be donated at the end of your stay as an in-kind tax-deductible donation

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