The SA-K-LA-K-WEL Soccer (Futbol) Club was spearheaded by John Cyprein (Executive Director).  Practice happens every Saturday and Sunday just across the street.

Born and raised in Jacmel, John is already familiar with the community, and you will often find him in discussions with parents during the week.  John expects his players to follow a code of conduct both on and off the field, he also insists that all players are enrolled in school and maintain good grades and constant attendance.

The SAKLAKWEL Futbòl Club players participate in a monthly neighborhood clean-up in support of their club.

The kids are working hard, and we can help them by providing soccer balls, uniforms and cleats.

Please contact Executive Director Robert Negron with questions or donations for The Sa-k-La-K-Wel Futbol Club.


We look forward to the day our team can walk out on to field sporting Sa-K-La-K-Wel orange and Indy Convergence Blue!

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